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How can I activate the Diaspora Plugin?

There's one requirement: the admin of the server must installed and enabled the plugin for the whole server. Then a user can activate the plugin for their own channel

What's the proceedure:

This can be done under "settings"


and in detail:


Hint: Some trolls exist, leaving nasty and silly comments to public posts. Later it might be an idea to deactivate the switch "Allow any Diaspora member to comment on your public posts". Deactivating that feature blocks comments from unknown people and only people you gave the permission can comment.

At Diaspora you can subscribe hashtags. You're interessted in soccer or cooking you may add this into the line for hashtags. Public posts from Diaspora with these hashtags will arise automatically in your stream. The Erklärbär is interessted in #newhere and #neuhier (german version of #newhere).