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Turorials: Diaspora Relay

Diaspora Relay

Is there a way to connect to diaspora relay somehow?

util/config diaspora.firehose 1

If you follow tags in your Diaspora protocol preferences, we use a Diaspora relay server to get those. We also add the relay as a destination for outbound public posts.

The "firehose" config switches the relay config into promiscuous mode - we'll accept anything, not just followed tags. If they match followed tags they'll get delivered to those channels. If not, they'll all end up in the public stream.

For native Hubzilla streams we do things a bit differently since several of our members are running on shared hosting, pocket computers, or low end VPSs. Our goal has always been to provide a level playing field to everybody. Every hour (iirc) we'll pick three HZ sites at random and ask them for a public feed (skipping dead or unresponsive sites until we find three that are reachable). IIRC you can change this number. This way you get the best cross-representation in the public feed. Your site still needs to know about the other site, but in practise your site will discover pretty much the whole known Hubzilla network in about a week - even those you aren't directly connected with, due to the friend suggestions (portable contacts) mechanism.

We're currently not doing anything special for OStatus or ActivityPub networks so you'll only see whatever you're connected with on those networks.