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Terms of Service

This server is located in Germany. So we've to follow the German laws.
These laws may be different to the laws where you're located.
You may know that germans lost the 2nd WW.

For example: you've to respect:


Especially I do NOT accept:

  • dealing with weapons
  • dealing with drugs
  • change/sharing pics/videos with child abuse
  • change/sharing pics/videos with zoophilia
  • abuse of the human rights

This server is operated by me as a private person without any commercial interrests.

Federation with other systems

Due to legal restrictions, does not federate with some systems.

For example announced Facebook/Meta/Instagram a project P92 to participate with the Fediverse (for example including servers of Mastodon). This company is well known for the violation of the GDPR and is already sued by court for different fines. The last fine was about 1.2 billion €.

Source for more information: NOYB: eu and us data transfer - fine and reparation

And Meta handles hate and fake news in an unsufficent manner. So this server might not federate with all servers out there caused by german and or europe laws.


This server stores and operates with personal data, including:

  • Cookies
  • IP-Addresses
  • LogFiles
  • Databases
  • Nicknames
  • Password

and other data you may enter or upload.

Data you send to this server may be forwarded to other Hubzilla, Friendica, Diaspora, Mastodon and other connected services. Data you delete are really deleted on this server. Datasets inside of the server are marked as deleted, the data inside the database field is deleted (as requested) and all related server will be informed to do so as well. The notification to other server may need some time (they need to be online) to synchronize. I don't operate the foreign server, so I can't guarantee the deletion on these servers.

You may receive messages from other channels. These may contain content from 3rd parties. So it's possible that your message stream contains stuff from for example Youtube or Twitter. It's possible your browser gets cookies from these 3rd parties and starts to download content. As a result these 3rd parties start collecting informations about you and this can harm your privacy.


We publish summarized and anonymized statistics humanreadable here and technical here. These data are used on the Website the We don't collect, share nor sell personal tracking informations for commercial or marketing reasons.

Export of your data

Make frequent backups of your channels. If you're getting into trouble (with the machine / me / the law / what ever) please take your last backup and move to a different Hubzilla server with a Terms of Service that fits to your needs. A backup could contain all your personal data stored on this machine.

Your channels are not bound to this machine. I case of doubts I exercise my property rights.

The general theme here is: "Be excellent to each other!"