I am NOT Theaitetos

Seth Martin
  últim editat: Sat, 22 Jul 2017 06:58:18 +0200  
I am NOT @Theaitetos

I have been misidentified so please don't call my co-workers or e-mail them. My company and I are innocent bystanders.

#Diaspora #NewHere
Thea is here in germany mostly active in the diaspora network and a well known right wing extremist - a nazi and a sexist.
Knowing a lot of posts and comments from him I don't make jokes anymore on this theme.
From my point of view it's ok to block him.
There's nothing more to say.

No I'm not (like) Theaitos.
Eris Sophia Capeditiea
 De Diaspora
...what is wrong with you? Thea is awesome as hell. y'all have false views about him. the one you really need to worry about is me. i am darker than a Sith Lord!